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Friday, December 14th, 2012

Subject:The American!
Posted by:lola_lita5.
Time:11:58 pm.
Mood: hyper.
Hello all, I know a second posting, how pathetic of me! Well, I have this stuck in my head and if I do not get it out, then I will forget and if I forget then I will be mad at myself and it goes on in this vicious cycle. So, enjoy the second chapter of my piece of crap writing aka The American!

Act Two: Soul Mates and Hates
Summary: Richie goes to the recording studio with Mr. Harmond to meet a band he is working with. Will this band help Richie find his soul mate or will they be too disgusted with the pampered American to even want to help at all?

The American!

Act Two: Soul Mates and Hates

Why did he have to wake up early again? He never had to wake up at seven to be at a fucking studio of all things! I regret to inform my dear readers that Richie is once more in a throw of rage and is near to a fit. He had not been given the option of showing up later by Mr. Harmond, yet his butler had and this was just one more sign of the oppression he had preached to his father before he left! How dare the old bag ignore the all-too-true warnings of the imminent end?

Just as he had finished this little mental rant, he soon was whisked out of his temporary residency and at the recording studio.

He had never felt more contempt for anyone in his life than he had for Mr. Harmond.

As he left the car (driven by Mr. Harmond's driver, mind you) he then went up to the older man with a scowl on his face. The nerve of the man! If he had gotten just six more hours of sleep then he would have gotten his recommended amount of beauty sleep!

"Richard, hi! So nice to see you over here in the UK! How was your flight?" Mr. Harmond asked cheerily.

Richie only let out a huff, "It was all good, you know before you had me wake up at seven in the fucking morning and my time so far could have been more enjoyable if I had more time to find my soul mate, but no, oh fucking no! I had to wake up! You sir, are an oppressor!"

Ah! Now Mr. Harmond was starting to regret this whole deal he had made with Mr. Bastardson.

"..Well, fine then Richard. Why don't I show you the band I am working with? We are finishing recording on a rather exciting record and I think you'll really like it. They're a bright bunch, these guys. You'll love them!"

As he was ya-king away, Richie could only feel himself slipping into self-wrought despair. It seemed he had no hope. How on earth was he to find his soul mate if he had to slave away inside this confining hell hole of a dungeon? How in heaven's name was he to explore this magnificent land if he was being held down by the life sucking power of Mr. Harmond?

Oh! His future wife, he could just feel her misery in the air!

"--Richie, this is where you and I will be working together!" was all he heard before he saw her. The woman of his dreams, the woman he had always wanted! She was stunning; bright blond hair (perfectly natural from what he could see) and stunning blue eyes. She was smaller than him, but that was fine: he had never liked them to be anywhere near as tall as him anyhow. As he stared over her, the love he could feel in his heart grew two sizes too big, much like the Grinch.

"Any questions Richie?"

This was all it took for Richie to immediately answer, "Yes, one and one only! Who is that?"

His finger was pointing to the stunning blond woman in the band. Mr. Harmond only chuckled before saying, "Do you want to meet the band?"

"Hell yes! God, you're finally getting me just now?! Fuck Mr. Harmond, you are so uncool and totally disconnected from reality, but I'll let slide by this time. Mess up again and I will put your wrinkly old ass face in it's place." he warned his new 'boss' as he opened the door and allowed the spoiled Californian into the room.

In the blink of an eye, Richie was with the band as they ceased playing a song and greedily eyeing the blond singer up and down. Oh fucking hell, he had to thank his father when he got home! They did not make them like this in Beverly Hills!

Mr. Harmond entered soon after Richie and told the band: "Hello guys, I want you to meet Richard Bastardson, my new assistant. He is here because his father wanted him into the real world outside of Beverly Hills. If he says or does anything strange, please shrug it off as him being ignorant to the entire world around him."

Mr. Harmond then turned to Richie and continued on with his little speech, "Richie, the one with the guitar is Graham, the one with the bass is Alex, the drummer is Dave, and the singer is Damon. Please, for the love, don't preach Californian oppression! Now, I will leave you to get better acquainted for a bit. I will be back in a few, I just need to call your father to let him know how you're doing."

"Tell the old fuck I'm fine and thank you for sending me here." This statement alone caused Graham to mentally cringe. Oh great. Just great, this is what they'll have to deal with now.

"Alright then, I will.. Have fun, Richie!"

This was the final warning to the band as the door closed and they were left alone with the worst thing to ever enter England.

Richie, however, was enthusiastic to meet them, especially the blond one. Oddly enough, it was Graham who first caught his critical Beverly Hill's eye as he stated out loud, "Holy fucking hell! What is Lewis from Revenge of the Nerds doing here? I did'nt know he could play guitar too!"

Now Richie could not help if he had an observational eye! Why, to him this was a compliment! Revenge of the Nerds was a good movie after all. Too bad Graham was absolutely offended at this.

"...I am not Lewis from Revenge of the Nerds." he said simply.

"Oh fucking god, you look like you could model for Calvin Klein or Chanel or Armani or even...Versace! Wow and here I thought all models were only good for standing looking pretty too!" he said to Alex. Now to Richie, this was a serious compliment! He really thought Alex was a supermodel. Just like how he really thought Graham was Lewis from Revenge of the Nerds.

Alex only let out a, "I'd like to think I do more than stand there and look pretty. My girlfriend will attest to this, I do have a brain, you know!"

Even this did not deter Richie from making even more comments as he soon turned to Dave, "Oh god! You're Poindexter from Revenge of the Nerds! What are you doing here, playing a drum? Aren't you supposed to be out there building robots and spying creepily on women getting in dorms getting dressed and undressed?"

Dave did not even enlighten this idiot with a response. He was really not in the mood to deal with such a headache like Richie.

Then Richie saw her, his dream girl..

"Hello there angel, might I say you have the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen." he said to the blond, hoping to god he'd get a positive response.

"..Richie, you are either a comedian or you're full of total, utter shit if you think I can ignore everything you just said."

Richie was not to be stopped, however, as he told the blond, "Mind telling me your name again? I was too distracted by your luscious beauty to really listen to that old fuck Harmond."

Damon was now convinced that Richie had to be the thickest person alive, "My name is Damon and I hope to god that not all Americans are as disrespectful as you appear to be so far."

Richie was immune to every and all negative comments thrown his way and he continued on rather than shutting up, "A man's name? ...Oh are you an androgynous girl? I forgot that's the hot thing over here for girl's in bands!"

The look on his face was hard to match as Richie went further with his accusation; "Tell me darling, what was your natural born woman name before you decided to change your name and start tricking yourself into thinking you're a man?"

Alex was laughing, Dave was in amazement at the stupidity of one man, and Graham was fuming.

"Richie, Damon really is not a woman. Please tell me you understand at least that much just by hearing him speak!" Dave interjected, Richie paid him no mind as he awaited an answer from his dream girl.

"I am not a woman, I do not have a natural born woman name and you have the definition of androgyny all wrong!"

Richie only laughed, "Ahaha! My dear, you are so funny and that's a great thing! I love a woman with a killer sense of humor!"

Damon once more attempted to reason with Richie, "Richard, please, for the love of god, pick up a dictionary and learn what androgyny really means. I am not a woman, I don't know where you got the idea from, but drop it."

The Californian was silent. Maybe, just maybe he had made a true break through to Richie..

All hope was lost on that issue when Richie laughed once more and said, "Alright love, I see how it is.. You're playing hard to get! Well just to let you know, I love a woman who's a challenge."

The seductive purr at the end of what he had just said only made Alex laugh, Dave give Richie a well deserved 'what the fuck' look, Graham sending him a death glare, and Damon left in disgust at the mere of Richie attempting to seduce him.

They were all saved when Mr. Harmond returned and sent Richie on an errand. One that would preferably take a few hours so he wouldn't have to deal with Richie's presence during the recording session.

End Act.

Next time on The American!: Richie is sent on an errand for Mr. Harmond to get the best tea in all of England. Along the way, he meets a few people who are willing to give him tips and pointers on how to win over a English girl. Will they work on the supposed 'girl' he desires so much or will he just have to find new alternatives instead?

Final Word From Author: I hope you all are enjoying this so far and find it just as humorous as I do! I hope someone will read it and enjoy it! Sadly enough, there are more than likely, a lot of Richie's out there. Frightening thought there, huh? It's almost like a nightmare come true. Well, for anyone living with those types of people. Thank you for reading and enjoy, it's going to get better :)
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Subject:New Story!
Posted by:lola_lita5.
Time:10:16 pm.
Mood: hyper.
Hello one and all, I have written up this little bit of humor after reading an article on Yahoo directed towards American travelers on how to not act like an ugly American. So, I got an idea whilst listening to too much Suede and blur as I read the article and now I am here to write this out of my head before I forget it! I hope you all enjoy, as this is my ever written story!

Title: The American!
Summary: Richard Bastardson is a spoilt American boy from Beverly Hills with a father who cannot handle him anymore! So what is the next best thing aside from leaving him all alone in a jungle in Africa with no way out? Sending him to England and hoping to god he'll get a kick in the head. While he is free of Richard, the people of England are burdened with him and the chaos the rich boy from Beverly Hills brings is damned to affect someone..
Rating: PG-13, just because of all the swearing and the future situations that may arise

The American!

Act One: The Journey Begins

Richard Bastardson (or Richie, as he is called by friends) has always been a happy-go-lucky lad. He had all his resources at his fingertips, a new car every month, and access to his beloved daddy's bank account 24/7. His light chestnut brown hair brushed against tanned skin and clashed with hazel eyes. Richie had the body of a model, the hair of a quintessential 90s artist, and a high school diploma from the most prestigious school in Beverly Hills. All he lacked was the mind of one who fit the description of all the above.

Thus it was this reason that on the fateful day of June the first, 1993 which pushed his long suffering father over the edge.

Richie had just came home after a day of surfing, tanning, and--of course--shopping for a new car when he entered the mansion. Raising a perfectly waxed brow, Richie looked over to see his suitcases at the doorway for a moment before shrugging it off to tell daddy about his recent shopping trip.

"Daddy, its your beloved only child from your only functional relationship! Dad? DAD!" he called out before letting out a frustrated huff, "..Oh god dad, I fucking hate you right now."

Stomping up a flight of white marble stairs, Richie was now officially annoyed. How dare he not answer him! All dads should bend to the will of their children, how could he not comprehend that one simple concept of parenting?

In pure frustration, the light brunette barged into his father's office, greeting him with a shout, "Dad! How dare you! How dare you not answer me when I call you! Can you not be a good, neglient, wealthy dad for one damn moment?!"

Mr. Bastardson let out a low sigh as he ignored his only child's rant. When he heard the noise coming out of his mouth stop, he knew he could finally speak.

Slowly, he began to tell his lazy, useless leech-of-a-son: "Richie, you are twenty-seven and its about time you head out into the real world."

Richie cocked his head to the side as he replied, "Daddy...I am not going on a MTV show. Plus, I do live in the real world! The real world of oppression that runs high here in Beverly Hills from parents like you who refuse us of our vital means to survive in this harsh enviroment! Did you know that Marshall Harmond's dad paid for his vacation house on his private island, yet I only have a vacation house in the Caribbean and no private island?! Everyone needs a private island, daddy, or else they'll just be ridiculed and despised! Fuck, it never amazes me how disconnected you are!"

Fighting the now-sudden urge to smack his son upside the head, Mr. Bastardson only told him firmly, "Son, you are going to England for a year. You are going to work at a recording studio for a dear friend of mine and if you fuck this up, then so help me god, you will be cut off from my bank account!"

A gasp was slipped past Richie's lips as he attempted to think of a life without access to his daddy's bank account. Oh the horror of it all! How dare his father be so cruel!

Then, in a rare moment of intelligent thought, Richie had come to a realization of what his father had said.

"Daddy...do you think I will find my soul mate in England? Do you want me to go there to find a wife?"

At this point, the old man was at his wits end and all he wanted was to get his money-draining son to leave.

"Yes Richie; that is exactly what I meant."

"Daddy, get me on the jet! I'm going to the UK to get me a bride!" was the confident tone his son's voice took as he rushed down stairs to gather his suitcases all together.

Mr. Bastardson was genuinely shocked, but pleased just as much. For he had been to England enough times on business trips to know what the people were like.

This knowledge in mind, Mr. Bastardson knew his son was officially screwed. Despite this he was able to sleep at pure peace that night. The thought of his son never once crossed his mind.

-Meanwhile, in England...-

Richie had just gotten off the jet and upon first glance at London, his only thought was: 'Oh my god...this place is Malibu poor! Do they even have mansions here?!'

As he walzted his way out of the jet, he had his personal butler (who he took everywhere with him) bring all his suitcases to the Harmond residence. He had told the tolerant man that he wanted see London as is. Why the man laughed at him before leaving, he had no clue.

Thus brings us to our current moment. Richie is now at a place called a 'pub' and he honest to god believes the people here speak an entirely different language from him. Whatever a 'gobshite' or a 'tosser' was, he was pretty sure he wouldn't get it anyway.

Now, it was at this moment where he stood up to request a drink from the bartender where fate would play its role..

He bumped into a shorter man, with a short cut full head with a long, side fringe. The man had darkest brown hair, ivory skin, and equally dark eyes. Now, it was not the facial features of this man that caught his usually keen eye. No it was his height, of all things!

'Oh. My. God. The men here could never model Calvin Klein! They're all so fucking tiny, it's like they could slip through a crack in the floor!'

Thank heaven up high Richie never voiced his thoughts on the spot!

He then quickly apologized; saying, "Its okay, I forgive you for bumping into me. I am 6'4'' after all and bumping into me is a normal thing for anyone. Especially for men as short as yourself! I mean...wow, the shortest I've ever seen in Beverly Hills was, like, six feet tall!"

Okay, so he speaks a very censored version of his thoughts out loud, but he still does not technically speak it out fully.

What he had not been expecting was a short moment of confusion in dark brown eyes before the smaller brunette rolled his eyes, "Oh no sir, why, I should just be apologizing to you! I mean, what, with you being so unnaturally large one cannot help but think your looks are akin to a mutant on steroids. Oh and for your information, there are other people outside the world of Beverly Hills. It's obvious you haven't ever been outside of it, so this should be a helpful bit of advice to you."

...Wait, was that a woman's voice? That man was a woman? Now he knew this had to be a joke! All the women in Beverly Hills usually looked so feminine in their twelve thousand dollar sun dress and five thousand dollar heels. The boob jobs helped as well to add to that appeal.

What did our beloved American do? Well...

"...Wow, you're a woman?! Who would've thought, what with your man clothes and no make-up.. You sure you aren't a man?"

It had been this sentence that ended their conversation with a firm, hard smack to the face and a flippant 'fuck off' before being left a far-too-confused mind. He stood there, staring into space like an airhead before asking one of the men there: "So, why did that woman look like a man?"

The older man looked upon the Californian native in shock before telling him, "She was not a man, mind you, she's never been one at all. She just had an androgynous look to her. It's all the rage for the band girls over here, you know."

Richie, despite having a very prestigious education, did not know nor understand the definition of androgynous or androgyny in general.

"Basically, women look like men...intentionally...and the men look like men still?"

The man only rolled his eyes (an action Richie did not take note of), "No you fucking knobhead! Don't you know what androgyny means?!"

The sound of crickets chirping inside the mind of the ignorant man shone brightly and proud through his eyes as the man let out a low groan of annoyance, "Androgyny is when a man has the features of a woman, they are commonly mistaken for one. It also is the same with women; women with the features of a man are androgynous. Do you understand now?"

Richie only nodded before responding with a bright, too cheery tone, "AH! So, every person here that looks like a man is really a woman and every person who looks like a woman is really a man!"

At this point, the man was at the end of his mental rope and just wanted the little bastard gone.

Which is why he did not bother to correct Richie, he only nodded and told him, "You got it, kid."

See that? See that there? Richie just learned something, all on his own, without his daddy's help! There was hope for him after all!

Who am I kidding, dear readers, this man is completely and hopelessly, screwed.

End Act.

Next time on The American!: Richie goes to the recording studio to meet a band Mr. Harmond is working with. Will this band help Richie find his soul mate or will they be too disgusted with the pampered American to really want to help him at all?

Final Word From Author: Well, this is just a beginner to help everyone see where Richie comes from and understand why he is there in the first place. I hope this made you laugh, and I hope the future situations will only become more humorous to you. Oh and just as a side note, if Richie's comment about Malibu poor and the men never modeling Calvin Klein are taken as offensive, please note that this was written with a point of view of a spoiled rotten rich kid who never left his home of Beverly Hills. I do not personally agree with this view as I am head over heels in awe and amazement of Brett Anderson, who is stunning and has the most amazing eyes known to man--and I'll stop there. Oh and I don't agree with the Malibu poor statement seeing as how I've never been to England and I only heard of bands like Suede, blur, Pulp all through the internet. Again, I hope none of this was taken in offense. Without further ado, thank you anyone and everyone for reading :)
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Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Posted by:p_erez.
Time:7:01 pm.
Mood: anxious.
is there anyone? :(
i've read the whole community, guys, you were so cool, so great))
i hope anyone read it
more suede slash pleaaaaase!))) at least in honor of their reunion
you were my last hope, google is fuckn bitch.. 

 lj-cut doesn't work or am i stupid
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Sunday, February 1st, 2009

Posted by:mod5nar.
Time:7:43 pm.
so it's making me sad how dead this comm is, and I wanted to write a fic to post, but currently I'm failing, and I b needin ur halp.

basically, I need more info on Bernard and Johnny Marr's ~friendship.
like, I've found some specific quotes and stuff, but I need an overview.
when did they meet, how? just like other stuff that went on in time or whatever?
I've become a bit of a detail whore, but unfortunately I'm still a suede and smiths n00b pretty much.
(well, I'm not exactly a smiths n00b, but I didn't really care past the music before.)

and I would give you pictures in return, but you guys have probably seen everything I have.
thus, I give you something I know you don't have, because I made them:

Collapse )
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Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Posted by:hope_to_last.
Time:12:13 am.
Mood: bored.
I'm posting the second part of the fic, I hope you (well, someone) enjoy it.

Title: Action and Reaction

Author: hope_to_last (idea from </a></font></b></a>childofbritpop)
Rating: NC-17 overall, and this part too
Pairings: Liam/Damon, Noel/Damon, Graham/Damon

Summary: "They've fought over which songs to sing, which shoes to buy, and now they're fighting for their own 'enemy'?"

Disclaimer: *insert standard disclaimer here* Don't waste your time trying to sue me, I got no money!

Part I

Collapse )
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Friday, June 27th, 2008

Subject:Time for fic
Posted by:hope_to_last.
Time:3:06 pm.
Mood: hungry.
Although this comm is pretty dead I'm posting this fic here cause it's the most suitable place for it. If there's still someone outta there I hope you enjoy it (and let me know. Even if you don't enjoy it, let me know). This fic is inspired in an idea that  childofbritpopgave me

Title: Action and Reaction (I know it's a dumb title but couldn't think anymore)
Author: hope_to_last 
Rating: NC-17 overall, this part could be PG-15
Pairings: Liam/Damon, Noel/Damon, Graham/Damon
Summary: "They've fought over which songs to sing, which shoes to buy, and now they're fighting for their own 'enemy'?"
Disclaimer: *insert standard disclaimer here*

Collapse )
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Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Posted by:hope_to_last.
Time:12:45 am.
Mood: optimistic.
Before most of you decide to kill me, let me say I already know of the anti-Oasis rule around here, but here I go anyway: I've made a page dedicated to Oasis Slash *tries to calm horrified/amused people* 
If you happen to know of any other fic that isn't posted there and you're so kind to point it to me, I'll be very grateful!
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Monday, May 5th, 2008

Subject:Hello All!
Posted by:dresden_doll101.
Time:1:18 pm.
Hi, i'm new here and since i'm interested in Britpop slash I thought I might aswell join. ;) I also come bearing gifts, so I hope you enjoy. :) The whole deal was I had to pick two Britpop names out of a hat and the result was suprising to say the least! Also, I hope the LJ cut works. *Prays*

Title: A Night To Remember
Pairing: Damon Albarn/Brett Anderson
Rating PG-13/12
Summary: Opposites attract. Note: This is set after Justine left Brett for Damon.

Collapse )
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Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

Posted by:cheshcan.
Time:10:02 pm.
Hey guys, is anyone here still carrying a torch for the Tears? (I KNOW I AM DAMMIT) Because I was going through the files I've got for them and I found this Virgin Radio interview from before the album came out. I figured I'd share it with you because they certainly haven't been doing anything interesting LATELY, and I know some of you are going through Bernard-forum withdrawal.

Brett: "For me, going onstage isn't about dance routines and choreography--it's about whether the music is any good..."
Bernard: "I was very worried about my dance routines not working."

Also discussed: Leotards. And castanets. And come on, Suede fans all know that if Brett and Bernard are in the same room and they aren't trying to kill each other, they might as well be having sex, right?!

Part 1:
Part 2:

This poor community. I'm just going to keep posting tangentially related crap every six months until I abandon hope.
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Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Posted by:blurred_rubbish.
Time:12:29 pm.
 I've started to feel the Suede-love. The Blur-love has always been there. I wrote a fic. It's Damon/Brett. It's long (considering that *I* wrote it). So please go get your fish'n'chips and a bottle of Guiness and then we'll start. Alright.

Collapse )
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Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Subject:Everything I've enjoyed at any time in my life is related to Bernard Butler
Posted by:cheshcan.
Time:8:51 pm.
OKAY YOU GUYS, so awhile ago I was rereading "Baby-Sitters European Vacation," which is a Babysitters Club book, and don't you be judging, because you were totally into them when you were eight, too. We all regress sometimes. Anyway, imagine my surprise to learn that Mallory Pike (the Ugly One!) has little English cousins named... Brett and Bernard. What?!


Collapse )

I really need somebody more motivated than I to combine Britpop and the Stoneybrookverse. Come on, now.
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Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Subject:Silly fic
Posted by:hope_to_last.
Time:4:35 pm.
Mood: giggly.
God, this place is so quiet lately! This is why I'm posting this...erm, fic that I wrote last night.

Title: Editing a classic tale: The little mermaid.
Pairing: Read and find out! :P (Damon, Graham, Alex, Jarvis)
Rating: PG-13 to be safe
Summary: So, this is the britpop mermaid!

*A/N: I blame my friends for watching The little mermaid the other night. And I specially blame the one who suggested that I should mess up a bit the argument/characters to do the story funnier. Uhm, maybe the bottle of gin we drank had also something to do with it XD

Collapse )
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Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Subject:Baby pics!
Posted by:swallow_sunny.
Time:1:39 pm.
I promised you to post the baby Jarvis pics if I find them. Well, this is not exactely a baby picture, but he was still a child.

And as a bonus: Brett Anderson and Neil Codling. :)

Collapse )
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Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Subject:Baby pics!
Posted by:swallow_sunny.
Time:2:56 pm.
I need your help! I need some baby pictures of Jarvis Cocker and Thom Yorke for a project (well, birthday present).

Can you help me? :)

Thanks a lot! xxx
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Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Posted by:brettnbutler.
Time:11:53 am.
Mood: curious.
 help needed here, too!

I'm searching for Brett/Bernard stories 

Anyone (No porn-without-plot, if possible)???

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Saturday, September 1st, 2007

Subject:oasis slash
Posted by:narcoticrainbow.
Time:4:31 pm.
Mood: frustrated.
where can i find some other sources for oasis slash? google is being a bitch.
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Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Posted by:blurred_rubbish.
Time:3:02 pm.
Hullo. I am bored and cold and tired and high on nicotine, and that's probably why I'm posting now. I've also had a glass of vodka. So you know.. Not good.

I found this.. thing.. I wrote with a friend of mine a few months ago. It's about Graham Coxon hating britpop. Mention of Blur/Liam'n'Noel/Pete'n'Carl + Betty Boo and Freaky Friday.

Collapse )

PS. anyone knows where to find Elastica slash plz?
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Saturday, August 18th, 2007

Subject:All my fics are about Graham. Why?
Posted by:blurred_rubbish.
Time:3:41 pm.
After having watched this one too many times, I agreed with myself that it would indeed be a very interesting pairing. So I wrote it!

Title: Forever Untitled (1/1), because I suxxx at titles and call all my fics that.
Author: Me (teehee)
Pairing: Pete Doherty/Graham Coxon
Rating: NC-13, I'd say.
Disclaimer: I, unfortunately, do not own these boys. If I did own them, though, I'd be too busy sexxxing them to post anything here. This did not happen. I think.
Collapse )
x-posted to blurslash and albion_fic
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